Bricks in the Valley


Lots to think about at the Red Brick Church:

  1. Do you know why we like to think of ourselves as “The Red Brick Church”? Read this post to check your answer.
  2. The concrete has cured on our new accessibility ramp and the railings are installed. The landscaping is looking great. The ramp is ready to be used. Once someone takes advantage of it, then it will be complete. We are so thankful for how God has used the generosity of our people to make this possible.
  3. The preaching series, Leading Our Emotions, continues this Sunday. Previous sermons are available online. A brief summary of last weeks sermon on depression is available on my web site.
  4. Depression will again be the emotion in view this Sunday. Pastor Chris will consider some very practical thoughts for winning the battle.
  5. Pictures We Need is a post on Pastor Chris’s web site that encourages us that children are beautiful and offer an opportunity to worship and share our faith. There are many other posts that may be of interest including John MacArthur on the family.
  6. The youth are going to Volcano Falls from 2-4 on Sunday. If you feel young, you probably could qualify to participate. Just carry an Ipod, text like crazy, wear a hoodie, and look hip. If you are interested and have not signed up, talk to a youth leader on Sunday morning.
  7. You may find Pastor Chris’ review of the book, Totally Forgiving God, helpful when thinking about the important topic of forgiveness.
  8. Many people are hurting. Do pray for one another.